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Jacob Turner Locksmith has been reliably servicing all Brisbane and Ipswich suburbs since 2014. We take pride in our capability to offer affordable and efficient mobile locksmith services making it easy to have effective locking solutions at either your home or office.

Our team holds itself to the highest standards with the services we provide. You can rest assured knowing that any security device we provide, repair or install, is completed with what we consider to be the best. We strive for high quality products and services at an affordable price.

The advice you need is always free. If you have ever found yourself wondering about your security, the best way to complete a D.I.Y project or even if you want to confirm some information you have received, the Jacob Turner Locksmith team is here to help. With a wealth of knowledge ready to assist, you can call, text message or email us your queries and have a professional answer within a timely manner.

As a mobile locksmith service provider, our technicians’ vehicles are fully equipped to tackle just about any job you might have for us. Need a key cut? We’ll cut it! Need a door opened? We’ll open it! No matter how big or small your request might be, we can accommodate, and all from the comfort of your own home or business.

In the rare event you have a request we cannot complete, we can still help. You will be provided the details necessary to have the work completed. We only supply the information from trusted businesses who have the same attention to detail as you can expect from the Jacob Turner Locksmith team.

If you are looking for a personal locksmith service you can rely on, look no further. We take the time necessary to ensure you are completely satisfied. Are you in doubt about the standard security options presented to you? Let us know and we can tailor a solution that best fits your requirements.

Who says nothing is free? Do you have security concerns? We attend site to assess your requirements and provide a no obligation quotation at no charge! Have we changed some locks and you require some spare keys cut? Chances are they will be at no charge as well. It’s the little things that make the Jacob Turner Locksmith team stand out from the rest.

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So, What Is A Locksmith?

When asked what a locksmith does, many people may think that a locksmith only cuts keys and repairs locks. A lot of people may not even know that to become a locksmith is a 4-year trade.

There is much more to being a locksmith than cutting keys and repairing locks. We will discuss a little about our industry to help you understand exactly what we can do to assist in every aspect of your home or business security.

Locksmithing as a profession is almost as old as time itself with many recordings of locking devices and keys found even on the walls of ancient Pharaoh Tombs. It is possible that these devices were highly regarded as the modern locking of its time.

In the new age, a locksmith may be required to assist with more than just your average locking device. We can be called upon for a number of services including the best option to secure ones valuables in a safe, to install security cameras for keeping an eye on things remotely. We can even be called upon to assist with devices which can open and close a door automatically.

Even though the world of locks and security has changed drastically from the past, locksmiths are still capable of performing the simplest tasks to restore your security. Lost a key? There is no need to buy an entire new lock. In most cases, the locks you have can be removed from the door, “Re-keyed” and refit to enable a new key to operate. We also cut keys and service locks.

When a key is cut or a lock is serviced by a locksmith, you can be sure it will work flawlessly. We have the knowledge beyond unlicensed tradesman that will ensure everything works as it should. In many cases, locksmiths have attended site to a customer who has been advised that they need a new lock. The lock has been repaired, serviced and tested, working as good as new without the need to replace it. This saves you money and gives you peace of mind.

Although a locksmith must complete a 4-year trade to become qualified, it is possible to have work carried out by non-industry professionals such as a handyman or builders. While most of the locksmith jobs carried out by these tradesmen may work fine, can you be sure that their recommendations or installations are suitable for your needs? Can you be sure that what has been installed on your door meets our Australian standards and is keeping your valuables secure? A locksmith can!

A locksmith is trained in locks, locking devices and security practices along with all relevant industry standards and codes. We can advise the best solution for your front door, we can advise if the lock you would prefer meets all relevant fire requirements to ensure you are not trapped in the unfortunate event, we can also put your mind at ease knowing your home or business is compliant and at the security level you are looking for.

If you require even more security than a standard lock, locksmiths have access to patented security products which can restrict who has access to getting additional keys cut. These are known as “Restricted Key Systems” and provide a much higher level of security as they can include hardened parts internally to aid against unauthorised attacks on your locking devices. These systems are restricted to locksmiths and cannot be produced by unlicensed or unauthorised people. You can be sure if you require a “Restricted Key System”, it will only be installed by a licensed professional.

Do you have concerns regarding your security? Do you require a new set of keys after moving house? Do you need some advice regarding your security? Call a locksmith, we are friendly experts ready to answer any questions you might have.