Do you need some spare keys cut? Have you broken a key and now find yourself needing a new one? It sounds like you need Jacob Turner Locksmith. Our key cutting machines are regularly serviced and adjusted to maintain an exceptional quality of key, every time.

Having a spare key cut is a fast, affordable service that can be done while you wait. Whether you need a key for your front door, a new key for your letterbox or even a key for your toolbox, rest assured we can cut it for you.

  • Accurate Key Cutting
  • All keys cut by Jacob Turner Locksmith are keys guaranteed to work. Our machines are serviced and adjusted regularly to ensure an accurate key copy, every time.

  • Vast Range Available
  • We carry the most common key blanks in Australia. If we don't have it, we can get it.

  • No Key? No Worries
  • If you have lost your key and need a new one cut, we can attend site and supply a new key for you.

Key Machine cutting a key at Jacob Turner Locksmith

When it comes to key cutting, Jacob Turner Locksmith has you covered. With well maintained machines and a wealth of knowledge, our professional technicians bring the know-how with them on every job to ensure you only receive the best key cutting service, the first time.

Take The Hassle Out Of Your Security!

Call on our team and enjoy the peace of mind

Frequently Asked Questions

If a key doesn't work after we cut it, a technician can attend site at no cost to supply a new key and test it with you.

Although we cannot cut all car keys, there is a large range of vehicle keys we do cut.

Yes. By using advanced machinery, we can supply a new key to its original form.