When a key is lost, stolen or you lose track of how many keys you have, your homes security is at risk. This can be dealt with by having the locks "Re-keyed". We use the locks you currently have but change the keys so the old ones no longer work, saving you time and money.

This simple yet effective service can be the difference between your security being at risk. If you have multiple keys to enter your premises, in most cases, your locks can be "Keyed Alike" using only the one key to operate all of your locks, convenience and security in one.

  • Piece Of Mind
  • Unsure where your keys are? Have the locks "Re-keyed" and your lost keys will no longer work.

  • Convenience
  • An abundance of keys on your key-ring? Have the locks "Re-keyed" and consolidate to operate from one key.

  • Cost Effective Security
  • When a key is lost or stolen, "Re-keying" the locks will save money on replacing them, security restored.

New keys from Jacob Turner Locksmith

This service is a great way to restore your security whether it be home or the office. Not only is it fast, effective and affordable, the locks will also be serviced at the same time. This will ensure that the locks are working like new, with new keys.

Take The Hassle Out Of Your Security!

Call on our team and enjoy the peace of mind

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you desire to have separate keys, we can accommodate any request you may have.

Yes. If you only require a new set of keys, we can supply the existing keys which will work your current locks.

We provide 3 x new keys as standard. If you require more, they can be cut while onsite.