Restricted Key System

Master Key Systems are a great way to keep track of your keys and security. Each key has an individual number that identifies which locks the key should operate. Each restricted key also has an individual issue number that can be used to keep a register of who has a certain key.

These systems are high security and increase the resistance of being manipulated open by unauthorised persons. In addition to mechanical security, a signature is required to be held on file. Without the correct signature, keys do not get issued allowing peace of mind that employees or tenants have not had multiple keys cut to your property.
Master Key System Hierarchy

High Security

As a signature is required to have keys cut for a Restricted Key System, the integrity of your security is far greater than ordinary locks and keys.

Record Keeping

Each Restricted Key comes with a unique identifier that can be recorded with the holders name and details.

Any Application

Restricted Key Systems are not only for big business. We can provide the required components to secure even a house with one lock.
If you have high security requirements and standard locks just don't cut it, get in touch and we can tailor a Restricted Key System to suit your needs. The peace of mind is worth it and more affordable than you might think.

Take The Hassle Out Of Your Security

Call on our team and enjoy the peace of mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ordinary and restricted keys?

Ordinary keys can be taken to any business that copies keys ie. Bunnings. Restricted keys are restricted to the supplying locksmith and can only be provided with relavent documentation.

I have found a Restricted Key, can you tell me who it belongs to?

Thanks for reaching out however we can not provide that information. We can however get in touch with the owner and pass your details along to them. Please call or email us with the details found HERE

Can more than one person sign for keys?

Yes, we can store multiple signatures on file to have new keys cut.
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