Our Locksmith Services

At Jacob Turner Locksmith, only the experts are handling your lock needs. Restoring your security after a key is lost can be a stressful time however we are ready to assist in order to save homeowners from the stress.

We can take care of your concerns regarding lock repairs, lock installations or lock re-keys 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are contemplating the installation of modern home security including digital key-less electronic locks, we can do the job with utmost confidence and dedication to quality.

Through outstanding customer service, we assure our clients that any keys we supply will function flawlessly. All our key replacement services are available at very affordable costs. However, we do more than just quality, we render fast and efficient services at any time of the day or night.

Lock Repairs

If a lock isn’t working as it should, there’s no need to worry. A team member can explain if the lock can be repaired or replaced and at what cost.

Gain Entry

Call us now and one of our locksmith technicians will be ready to help you get back into your premises at any time of the day or night.

Lock Re-Key

When a key is lost, stolen or you lose track of how many keys you have, your homes security is at risk. This can be dealt with by having the locks "Re-keyed".

Key Cutting

Do you need some spare keys cut? Have you broken a key and now find yourself needing a new one? It sounds like you need Jacob Turner Locksmith.

Lock Installation

We believe you deserve to have your locks installed correctly, the first time. Our technicians are some of the best lock fitters Brisbane has to offer.

Digital Locking

Is carrying around keys making your pocket or bag feel weighted down? Worry not, we have a vast range of electronic and digital locking solutions.

Jacob Turner Locksmith Brisbane understands that each door lock is specially designed to accommodate different purposes. Whether you are looking for a lock with basic or high security, we can accommodate your needs.

Do you feel safe enough in your home or business? Have you recently changed your employees or lost a key and have been left unsure whether your premises are safe anymore? Have you locked your keys inside your home, car or office? Worry not; call us today at any time for outstanding locksmith services!

At Jacob Turner Locksmith, we understand that the safety of your property is of utter importance. That is why we offer you extensive residential and commercial locksmith services at all hours of every day. Call today to speak with one of our locksmith professionals and rest assured your security is in good hands.

Forget About Lock Problems!

Call on our team and enjoy the piece of mind.